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Patient Care

Holistic Care of Patients With Hearing Loss
Our approach involves interdisciplinary communication. Both of us working together can meet the patient’s overall communication needs and go beyond supplying a product like hearing aids. We can implement an overall communication plan.

Below, I explain some ways our clinic provides holistic hearing health care for children and adults.

The major techniques involves in this as under below :

    • The techniques can use assessment data to produce strong goals for the family and ensure the child is meeting speech, language and listening developmental milestones.

    • At Hearing First, we want all children to benefit from the availability of newborn hearing screening and for parents to learn the status of their baby’s hearing first. Hearing is a foundational building block for children to learn to listen and talk, become healthy readers, and do well in school. Today, children who are deaf or hard of hearing can learn to listen and talk and can achieve learning and literacy outcomes on par with their hearing friends. The earlier a child with hearing loss is identified, amplified, and receiving help, the more opportunities that child will have. We want all children to have the opportunity to take advantage of access to sound – a critical building block for future success. We are dedicated to powering potential.

    • After gaining improved access to sound through hearing aids, cochlear implants or assistive listening devices with the audiologist, the patient can take one very important step further by implementing an auditory training or aural rehabilitation plan with the SLP. The SLP can use computer-based training tools such as Angel Sounds or LACE (and give the audiologist access to track progress) or provide in-office treatment sessions.

    • As many adult patients with hearing loss also have secondary (central) auditory processing difficulties, the techniques can add listening skills, language processing and metacognitive strategies training to treatment sessions.

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