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Our Story

Aumni Hearing Services is Mumbai's most advanced state-of-the-art speech & hearing clinic offering latest devices, hearing aids and other solutions to help hearing impaired people lead a normal life. The clinic also offers cochlear implant mapping, sophisticated hearing tests to determine the level of impairment and focused counselling for the troubled souls.

Aumni Hearing Solutions is the brainchild of Manisha Suru and is the premier and the only place of its kind in Mumbai, where people with all types of speech and hearing problems from infants to the elderly can find comprehensive and state of the art facilities to enhance communication, improve quality of life and promote independence.

Manisha Suru is one of the most qualified experts in audiology and speech therapy in India with a Master's degree in the same from Topiwala National Medical College in 1995. Having a rich experience of over 22 years, Manisha has also served in Indian Armed Forces from 2001 till 2005 enriched her with valuable experience and she gained grossly in empathy as well as in suggesting economical hearing solutions. She brings forth a wide experience of independent practice and has been an anchor for people troubled by speech, language or hearing difficulties. Owner of Aumni Hearing Solutions, Manisha is extensively involved in Hearing Aids fitting and counselling, Speech Therapy and Cochlear Implants mapping, support and rehabilitation post-surgery.

Services :
At Aumni Hearing Services, we offer world class hearing & speech healthcare services with the aim to make Hearing healthcare not only more economical, but also more customized, focused and accountable. The clinic boasts of the most advanced state-of-the-art testing equipment, highly sophisticated hearing aids and one-to-one counselling done with the vision to provide you the most uncompromised and quality services in context of speech & hearing disability. Our forte lies in understanding the case and problem of each patients need, offering the best support, encouragement, counselling and solutions along with the provision of most advanced hearing aids to suit your needs and requirements.

We offer following services at Our Clinic :

  • Audiometry, Impedance, Free Field Audiometry
  • Digital Hearing Aid Trial, Widex Hearing Aid Dispensing
  • Pre-Operative Cochlear Implant Evaluation
  • Intra Operative Cochlear Implant Support
  • Post Cochlear Implant Switch On, Mapping & Speech Therapy

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