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Overview Hearing Loss

Numerous recent studies have shown that untreated hearing loss affects our emotional and social well-being, our relationship with friends and family, and overall quality of life. For individuals still in the workplace, hearing loss can have a negative impact on income potential as well. You know that you or someone you know might benefit from hearing aids.

Some of the benefit from the hearing loss as follows...

  • People sound as though they are mumbling.
  • You can hear people talking but cannot understand them
  • Hearing conversation in background noise, like restaurants, is very difficult.
  • Family and friends notice your hearing loss and make mention on it.
  • You have to turn the TV volume louder than what others find comfortable.

Some vital facts about Hearing Loss:
Hearing loss is a common phenomenon. There are more than 500 million people with hearing loss, worldwide. by the year 2015, the figure is estimated to be 700 million. The primary reason for the increase in number of people suffering from hearing loss is because we are exposed to an increasing amount of noise from our surrounding.

Do you Know?
Many people experience hearing difficulties after having been exposed to loud music.
72% of all who go to Rock or pop concerts experience difficulty in hearing.
Noise can affect speech perception, language development and ability to concentrate, learn and remember, in children with Hearing Loss.

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