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Like every other sense, the sense of hearing becomes the foundation of good life. And if you think buying a hearing aid is the best solutions for all or any type of hearing or speech problem, the clinical experts beg to differ. Simply because, the situation of a speaking or hearing impaired person needs an ear that listens to the real problem and suggests the comprehensive solution keeping all clinical parameters and your requirement in mind! That’s why you should meet up with Audiologist Manisha Suru at Aumni Hearing Services.

Mrs Manisha Suru is one of the most qualified experts in audiology and speech therapy in India with a Master’s degree in the same from Topiwala National Medical College in 1995. Having served the Indian Armed Forces from 2001 till 2005 enriched her with valuable experience and she gained grossly in empathy as well as in suggesting economical hearing solutions. She brings forth a wide experience of independent practice and has been an anchor for people troubled by speech, language or hearing difficulties.

Aumni Hearing Services is the region’s most advanced state-of-the-art speech & hearing clinic offering latest devices, hearing aids and other solutions to help hearing impaired people lead a normal life. The clinic also offers implant mapping, sophisticated hearing tests to determine the level of impairment and focused counseling for the troubled souls. Aumni Hearing Services, in a way, brings world class Audiologists, Speech & Hearing Experts and Clinical infrastructure at your service. Along with the fact that our entire team gives you one-on-one attention so that you get the solutions as well as much-needed peace of mind.


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We are one of the leading hearing and speech related solution providers in the country characterized by one of the best Infrastructures and qualified staff.

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