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Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

What is a Digital Hearing Aid?
Digital Hearing Aids are the most advanced technology that allows the most precise prescriptive fitting. The Hearing aids tailor the sound level to individual needs. It has become a unique solution to overcome Hearing Loss. Digital hearing aids contain a small custom-programmed chip that offers the best way to match an individual's Hearing Loss with the precise amplification needed.

What are the different Types of Hearing Aids?
The primary purpose of hearing aid is to help you hear well. There are several different types of hearing aids, each one with a different size, shape and description.

  • Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid, Ear Machine, Price, Cost, Review Behind-The-Ear (BTE):
    The main part of the hearing aid fits behind the ear. These are best suited for people having server Hearing Loss. It is much smaller and comes in a variety of colors that blend with skin and hair color.

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